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2011 Chardonnay


Crisp, light citrus and green apple.
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A beautifully restrained Chardonnay with pure fruit flavors. For those who shy away from the oaky, buttery style it delivers a bright beam of citrus-laced green apple, fresh pear and subtle orange blossom with steely minerality. Remarkable freshness and vitality.


The perfect wine for a sushi party, this crisp, bright Unoaked Chardonnay will complement, rather than compete with the clean, fresh flavors of the seafood. It's a light, refreshing companion when you want to relax on the patio and get lost in a good book.


Seafood: Grilled halibut, smoked salmon, fish and chips, shellfish dishes
Poultry and meats: Roast chicken, roast pork loin, smoked poultry
Pasta dishes: Alfredo, Carbonara, pasta primavera, cream and lemon-based pastas
Vegetables: Salad Niçoise, creamy quiche, corn salads

wine facts

Wine Type: White
Bottle Size: 750ml
Vintage: 2011
Appellation: California
Varietal: Chardonnay
Alcohol content: 12.5
Custom Label: yes
Custom Etching: yes