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Personal Wine Consultant Directory

First-Rate Advice

Given our robust selection of wines, choosing the perfect one can be daunting. Your Personal Wine Consultant is just a phone call away. Versed in all aspects of our wines - the varietals, food pairings, gift ideas, corporate orders and personalized labels, your Personal Wine Consultant can guide you every step of the way.

Years of experience and training plus regular wine tastings enable our staff to help you select the perfect wine, time after time.

To call your Personal Wine Consultant, simply dial 800-289-9463 and use the extension listed below. If you are unsure of the name of your Personal Wine Consultant, please press "0" to speak with our Customer Contact Center.

Personal Wine Consultant
Ext. Send Email
Alex Walker
2677 awalker@windsorvineyards.com
Bea Kustin
2647 bkustin@vintagewineestates.com
Becky Williams
2643 bwilliams@vintagewineestates.com
Bob Powers
2726 bpowers@windsorvineyards.com
Bonnie Claiborne
2612 bclaiborne@windsorvineyards.com
Brad Evans
2632 bevans@windsorvineyards.com
Bryan Hunter
2611 bhunter@windsorvineyards.com
Carmen Rockwell
2652 crockwell@vintagewineestates.com
Deborah Serval
2619 dserval@windsorvineyards.com
Denise Dyer 2646 ddyer@windsorvineyards.com
Drew Henderson 2654 dhhenderson@vintagewineestates.com
Erica Lynn 2701 elynn@vintagewineestates.com
Gail Coudray
2744 gcoudray@windsorvineyards.com
Georgia Marie 2698 gmarie@windsorvineyards.com
Gina Faro
2660 gfaro@windsorvineyards.com
Gordon Harsaghy 2775 gharsaghy@windsorvineyards.com
Grace Cook
2651 gcook@windsorvineyards.com
Jill Johnson
2892 jjohnson@vintagewineestates.com
Jim Valinoti
2788 jvalinoti@windsorvineyards.com
Kaci Wegner
2702 kwegner@vintagewineestates.com
Katie Thompson
2762 kthompson@vintagewineestates.com
Kelly Austin
2649 kaustin@windsorvineyards.com
Lindsey Nelson
2669 lnelson@windsorvineyards.com
Marty Woods
2679 mwoods@windsorvineyards.com
Melanie Diamond
2764 mdiamond@windsorvineyards.com
Nicole Fox
2768 nfox@windsorvineyards.com
Nile Winters
2668 nwinters@windsorvineyards.com
Paige Taylor-Hawks
2715 ptaylor@windsorvineyards.com
Pepper Neal
2661 pneal@vintagewineestates.com
Rob Dawson 2760 rdawson@vintagewineestates.com
Susan Watson
2634 swatson@windsorvineyards.com
Tina Varela 2710 tvarela@windsorvineyards.com
Tom Simoneau
2722 tsimoneau@windsorvineyards.com
Vic Robinson
2770 vrobinson@windsorvineyards.com
Zeke Moore
2696 zmoore@windsorvineyards.com