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2017 Windsor Chardonnay, Columbia Valley, Private Reserve, 750ml

2017 Chardonnay Columbia Valley, Private Reserve

Fresh, clean and delicate with tropical fruit flavors and aromas. Learn More

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$24.00 Each
750ml Bottle

Flavor Profile

This inviting wine opens with elegant tropical fruit aromatics. The palate has expressive flavors of apricot blossom, ripe peaches and kiwi fruit. This is a dry, fresh white wine that pairs well with food and every celebration.

Windsor Recommends

This elegant Chardonnay is distinctly Northwestern. It delights the palate providing a vibrant complement to any food pairing.

About Columbia Valley

Over 11 million acres, this AVA is Washington’s largest, spanning across over a third of the state and into Oregon. Wines sourced from this booming wine region are often characterized by unadulterated fruit flavors and vibrant aromatics, due to the cool growing climate. Some of the other key components that make this a successful appellation are the volcanic and sandy loam soil of the valley, which offers good drainage. This soil is also not high in nutrients, which helps coax the vine to concentrate its resources into the grape clusters, producing higher quality, and more flavorful berries. Vines in this part of the world also require more irrigation, which, in tandem with being located in a rain shadow under the Cascade mountain range, allows for consistent ripening time with less risk of mildew and frost during the hang time. The quality of fruit from the Columbia Valley is indisputably exceptional, with the potential to improve over time as the vines better with age.


Wine Type:
Columbia Valley
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