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Winter Hanukkah


You can pick a font, the size, style (left, centered, right or evenly justified), color (shown below after I clicked on the A). It will be regular but you can click on bold or italic if you prefer.

Several different fonts are provided that can give varying looks.

  • Arial is sans serif, and is always clean and simple.
  • Don't overdo the number of fonts you use. Usually one for "display" font and a second for "message" font look great.
  • Avoid using ALL-CAPS with a script font

Make the contrast as high as possible so it shows up against the background.

  • For dark backgrounds use white, yellow or pale colors.
  • For a light background, use black or a dark shade.
  • Avoid using very small or very thin fonts on a very dark background, as the ink may "close up" around the fonts and make them difficult to read.

It depends how long your message is and if it is all equal in importance. Often, we suggest you make one larger "display" line followed by one or two smaller "message" lines.

  • Point size 8 is the smallest that is usually legible.
  • Point size 18 is the largest that usually looks good for multiple lines
  • Point size 22 is the largest that looks good if the message is simple and just one line

The subject and colors are up to you (within reason!) Choose something that shows up against your background and is not too busy. If it's a photo you'd want to frame, it will probably look great on a wine label!

  • Important! Make sure your photo is big enough- at least 300 dpi.

For best results, use a high-quality JPEG file of at least 300 dpi.

DPI stands for "dots per inch". The more dots, the closer they are together and the better it is for printing. If your file is too small, it can be grainy looking or have jaggy digital artifacts. How to tell?

  • If your camera or phone is set for high-resolution (Medium, Large or Fine file size) your label should print fine. If you are using a default setting, it may be a size that is too small to print, particularly if you zoom in tight on a small portion of a photo
  • Anything about 3 megapixels from your camera will print well, provided it's not zoomed in too tightly
  • Often photos that have been emailed, obtained from Facebook or other photo sharing sites may be too grainy to print properly. If you have the option, always download a high-resolution, large file version of a photo
  • Important! It's illegal to download copyrighted images or photos and reproduce without permission. Team logos, famous characters and copyrighted works of art are all off-limits and may be rejected once your order is processed.

Yes, once you upload a photo, you can rotate, scale, or move your picture until it's framed how you like it. The label maker is unable to make any color corrections, red-eye removal or other photo edits, you will need to use your favorite photo editor, such as Adobe Photoshop or Google's free Photos software before you upload your photo.

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