Welcome Windermere Real Estate

You can personalize your selections with the Windermere logo label or create a custom full-bleed, edge-to-edge color label at no cost.
To order any of our wines please contact your Personal Wine Consultant Deborah Rust at 707-921-2619 or via email.

5% of each wine purchase will be donated directly to The Windermere Foundation
to be used in your efforts to support low-income and homeless families.

Windsor Vineyards pioneered the concept of personalizing the labels of our wine bottles 55 years ago when founder Rodney Strong began writing on the labels of the wines he had put aside for his friends. We’ve come a long way since 1959, and beyond the one and two piece custom labels we produce (with supplied or created artwork), we also do state of the art custom etching of our standard and larger format bottles from each of the 9 wineries we own and the 6 with whom we partner. We do not etch any of our sparkling wines.

Many people would think that we laser etch our wine bottles, but that would jeopardize the quality of the wine. So instead, each bottle has its own template created from vector file format artwork, which is then adhered to the bottle. The entire bottle is then masked, before it is hand sandblasted creating a deep etch of the artwork. Next it is hand painted to produce exquisite and unique personalized gifts of wine. Etching for a standard 750 ml bottle as shown with one color is $16.00 + the cost of the wines selected, a two color etching is $17.25 + the cost of the wine. And if you want to really say a special thank you, consider etching a magnum, they’re surprisingly affordable, and absolutely stunning!