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M58365-850 O'Leary Spring Reserve 12-btl All White

12-Bottle Collection

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Product Description

I love great wine, but I hate paying crazy prices for it! That’s why I created O’Leary Fine Wines. My Spring Reserve Series is phenomenal! This Moscato will open any sweet wine lover’s eyes to a whole new level of quality wines. The Chardonnay is deliciously rich and vibrant with glorious aromas and a smooth creamy finish. If I put my name on it, it’s spectacular. That’s why they call me “Mr. Wonderful” - the only shark you can trust about wine. Enjoy these wines with family and friends anytime!


Collection Includes:

(6) 2016 Kevin O'Leary Reserve Series Chardonnay, California, 750ml

(6) 2017 Kevin O’Leary Moscato, California, 750ml


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